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Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m so busy with my office reopening, I can’t even think about marketing right now. I'm going to put it on the back burner.”
  • “I know I need an online presence, but I can’t afford to invest in marketing.”
  • “I’ve done the whole marketing thing. I’ve never seen it do me any good.”
  • “Between the economy, reopening, and trying to get patients rescheduled, I feel so overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing.”
  • ​“Do I really need marketing? Does it provide a good ROI?” 
  • ​“Marketing isn't worth the investment.” 

You have a ton to do.

We hear you and get it. 

COVID has caused a huge disruption in the dental industry.
You're dealing with a lot
You're dealing with a lot
  • Reopening your office and catching up with rescheduling patients’ appointments.
  • Investing in the latest technology to assure your community you’re performing with the highest safety standards. 
  • ​Having to reassure patients your office is absolutely safe from COVID.
  • ​Not thinking about marketing, but rather how you’re going to survive through all of this.
It’s easy to put marketing on the back burner until everything calms down and we go back to “normal.” 

We have to give you some tough love:

That thinking could cost your dental practice. The truth is we’re going to be in this “new normal” for quite a while. 

And you know what? That’s okay!
The “old normal” was broken. Filled with sketchy marketing tactics that didn’t focus on people, just their paychecks.

Think about how your community is feeling - your patients, family, friends, that neighbor you always run into at the gym at 4 AM (wearing a mask, of course).
People are scared. They’re in this state of unknown. 
“What’s going to happen? Is it safe to visit a dentist?”

They’re probably thinking, “I don’t need to visit the dentist right now. I’ll put it on the back burner until we get back to the old normal.”

Sound familiar?

If you heard that, you’d panic. “No! You have to take care of your oral health, or else you could be putting your entire overall health in jeopardy.”

It’s the same with marketing.
Marketing connects, builds trusting relationships, and provides support. 

Instead of “buy, buy, buy,” you have to shift your mindset and think: 

How can I help my community feel comfortable? How can I educate them to feel confident to take care of their smiles while caring for themselves?
You have to be empathetic. Address your community's barriers so they feel heard.
You have to market with love. That’s the new normal. 

It's a mindset shift where you speak to the person, not their wallets. 
If you do this, people will LOVE you for it. And in turn, they’ll come to you as their chosen dentist. 

Marketing can be scary.

But you can do it

And you don’t need to invest gobs of money and time to do it right. 


The first step is engaging with your community online, whether through social media, your website, or blog. 

You can do this in so many ways:
  • Post on social media telling your patients how you’re keeping them safe
  • ​Blog consistently. Share health tips, family recipes, or answering FAQs
  • Reach out to local leaders and offer your services (maybe it’s providing free dental care)
  • ​Share how COVID has affected your dental practice - include the victories AND the downfalls

We promise if you do this, it’ll resonate with people. 

This is what proven marketing methods do for dental practices:

Dr. Vicki Fidler, a dentist in Seattle, WA

“My team is on ME now about marketing, and the patients love the interaction.”

– Dr. Vicki Fidler | Fidler on the Tooth, Seattle, WA
Dr. Paul Silberman who's a dentist in Waldorf, MD

“We used to average 12 new patients a month, now we average 42 new patients. Can’t keep up!”

– Dr. Paul Silberman | The Silberman Dental Group, Waldorf, MD
Kathy who is the office manager at Harmony Dental

“We’re in an extremely competitive market, and our online presence has continually grown.”

– Kathy | Harmony Dental, Beaverton, OR
This could be you… and we have the tools to get you there.
The Marketing Plus Package
Successfully market your dental practice as easy as brushing + flossing your teeth.
The Marketing Plus Package gives you proven strategies and education to connect with your dream patients and grow your dental practice. 
Gear icon

Easy-peasy tools + resources

Don’t start from scratch with planning your marketing strategy or posting on social media. Receive an arsenal of tools that makes it super easy to market your practice quickly and effectively.

Phone icon

Look fresh + legit

Continuously keep your social media active with grab-and-go posts. Plus, we’ll post on your Facebook with topics designed to engage with your following. 
Pen and paper icon

Beat writer’s block

Never again will you have to spend hours planning, posting, and writing your content. We’ll give you the topics to personalize to your office to start conversations with your patients.   
Chart icon

Grow your following + patients

Everything delivered to you is designed to improve your social media following, breathe life into your marketing, and ultimately engage with potential patients. 

Paper and magnifying glass icon

Tips + strategies proven to work

Receive monthly marketing tips and resources to boost your online presence while building relationships with your community.

Nucleus icon

Increase ROI

Score credibility points with potential patients, making them go, “Oooooo, this person is amazing. Please, please be my dentist!”

Jina who's the Director of Operations from Love Your Smile in Seattle, WA

“The Roadside team has SO much content to share with us! I mean they created a 40+ [page] marketing template for their clients. They take the time to help build the website/brand because THEY CARE! I could go on and on about all the fantastic things Roadside has done for us.”


What's inside:

Preview of the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Marketing Action Plan Workbook

A detailed but super easy workbook that’ll help you plan out your yearly marketing strategy.
Preview of Weekly Coach

Weekly Coach

Receive easy DIY marketing tips and ready-made social posts right into your inbox every week.

Facebook Basic preivew

Facebook Basic 

Get 2 Facebook posts every week that'll engage with your followers - without having to do the legwork (we do it for you!)
Preview of Monthly Marketing Pro

Monthly Marketing Pro

Stay on top of triumphant marketing trends each month with time-sensitive educational modules. 
You'll also get:
Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook
Video: How to Use and Create Your Marketing Action Plan
Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook during post COVID
Video: Creating Your Marketing Action Plan Post-COVID
Preview of the ready-to-use social posts related to COVID
15 Ready-To-Use Patient Safety Social Posts (COVID-related)
Get this entire package for only $97 /  mo.
P.S. We normally charge $351 / mo. 
Dr. Vicki Fidler who's a denttist in Seattle,  WA

“I admit I was skeptical, I did not think I had time to implement marketing in my busy day. Weekly Coach is much more than I expected. The easy­-to­-use and attractive graphics and the coaching on improving customer service is beyond what I expected. My team is on ME now about marketing, and the patients love the interaction.”


Goooooo Weekly Coach!

Let’s break down the Marketing Plus Package:

It consists of four of our top-selling products designed to keep your social media fresh, boost your online presence, and market yourself authentically without coming off as a sleazy salesperson.

1. Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Map out your yearly marketing strategy without feeling stumped. 

Preview of Marketing Action Plan Workbook
Put those sweaty palms away when you hear “marketing strategy.” This workbook makes planning your strategy so easy peasy that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

It'll help you:

  • Review what worked and didn’t work in previous years.
  • ​​Identify your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, target customers, and unique value.
  • ​Find areas where you can overtake your competitors.
  • Define your marketing goals and strategy (think BIG picture!).
  • ​Use that strategy to create your marketing action plan!
  • Create social posts and blogs.

What's inside the 43-page action plan:

Preview of last year's number templates in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Results-Tracking Templates

Worksheets and questions focused on your previous marketing attempts so you review what did and didn't work in the past. 
Preview of SWOT analysis in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

SWOT Analysis

Find out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are so you know what to focus on this year. 
Preview of Target Persona Worksheets in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Target Persona Worksheets

The workbook will guide you to find and write down your top 3-5 personas, so you're connecting and marketing to your ideal patients.
Preview of Competitor analysis worksheets in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Competitor Analysis Worksheet

Get the resources and know-how to pinpoint what your competition is doing so you dominate and stay on the top of your marketing game.
Preview of the UVP Wizard in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Unique Value Proposition Wizard

Thought-provoking questions to help you discover what truly makes you the stand-out dentist in your community.
Preview of weekly checklists in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Quarterly + Weekly Marketing Checklists 

Easy-to-use templates for you to fill out your marketing goals and assign homework to your team.
30 Days of Social Media Ideas

30 Days of Social Media Ideas

Get a full month's worth of topics and inspiration to post on your social media.
Preview of the Yearly Social Media Calendar in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Social Media Calendar

Fun, creative social post ideas, holidays, and other annual events you can post about for the entire year.
Preview of the blog topic ideas in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

15 Blog Topic Ideas

An outline of how to write an engaging, Google-worthy blog post along with topic ideas to spark those creative juices. 

You'll also get:

Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Video: How to Use and Create Your Marketing Action Plan

An educational video to walk you through your action plan, so you'll become an expert marketing planner. 

Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Video: Creating Your Marketing Action Plan Post-COVID

Angela and Whitney will go over your 12-month marketing plan, including identifying what goals, priorities, and actions your dental office should be taking.
Preview of the ready-to-use social posts related to COVID

15 Ready-To-Use Patient Safety Social Posts (COVID-related)

Receive 15 ready-to-use social posts - all you have to do is post them! These posts include safety protocols, answering questions, and so much more!

2. Weekly Coach

Market your dental practice successfully as fast as drinking a strong cup of joe.

Preview of Weekly Coach
Weekly Coach helps simplify marketing by delivering easy marketing tips and ready-to-go posts right into your inbox every week.

  • Beat writer’s block and turn social media into an easy task with ready-made graphics and sample captions.
  • ​Receive social post ideas as inspiration to create custom posts.
  • ​​Market your practice quickly and efficiently (in as little as 15 minutes).
  • ​Everything delivered is designed to improve your social media following, breathe life into your marketing, and ultimately engage with potential patients.
  • ​Never say, “let’s see if this works” again. You’ll get weekly marketing tips proven to work and boost your online presence.

Here’s what you’ll get every week:

Preview of one Weekly Coach email

Grab-and-go social posts

We’ll supply you with the graphics. All you need to do is post them. 
Preview of Weekly Coach with sample captions

Sample captions 

Weekly captions you post directly to your social accounts. Or better yet, use as inspiration to create your own posts.
Preview of Weekly Coach's Tip of the Week

Timely marketing tips

Get what’s hot off the press in connecting and engaging with your community. 

3. Facebook Basic

Be social online without posting a single thing. 

Preview of Facebook Basic's posts
Facebook Basic takes “get social” off your plate while your Facebook looks fresh and legit. 

  • We’ll post on your Facebook page twice a week with engaging, relevant posts. (Ahem… That’s 104 posts a year).
  • Each post is designed for engagement so you score credibility points to turn any stranger into a loyal, raving patient.
  • ​While you get your patients healthy, your online presence will continue to grow and build trust with your followers - and get some new ones!

They're feeling the love:

Dr. Griffin got 16 comments from just one post!
Dr. Joyner reached 555 people with 13 comments

4. Monthly Marketing Pro

Stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

Monthly Marketing Pro gives you VIP access to insightful and robust marketing education every month so you know exactly what works to grow your dental practice.

  • Time-sensitive information to implement every month so you’re staying ahead of the marketing game (and crushing your competition).
  • ​​Become a marketing pro without having to invest thousands of dollars on an marketing agency.
  • ​Silence the noise of figuring out what works and doesn’t work for marketing. We’ve figured that out for you.

A sneak peek of what you'll get every month:

Play button icon

Educational Modules

Each month, we'll share a video featuring a marketing trend for the month. P.S. You'll only have 30 days to access this video before it disappears.
Sand clock icon

Countdown Clock

These modules are only relevant for the month. So, you'll see a countdown clock showing how much time you have to access your new resource.

Our tools work! 

(+ your patients will love you!)
Marcy who's the dental assistant at Robert Walker DDS
“It has made our social media so simple! I don't even have to think about what we are going to post now. It is so easy! The hardest thing about social is thinking of ideas. This service is just incredible, and the coaching is priceless, the doctor and I just can't say enough about it!” 


Dr. Josephine Lee who's a dentist in Federal Way, WA
“Thank God I get this every week; I was skeptical at first but it really has helped us step up our marketing in all avenues. It is one less thing I have to think about or be creative with since I am already so busy. Keep it coming, we are learning so much.” 


Here’s everything you’re getting:

Preview of the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Marketing Plan Action Workbook 

Know exactly what you need to focus on your marketing endeavors so your practice is thriving and you’re finding your dream patients.
Preview of Weekly Coach

Weekly Coach

Stop spending Netflix-binging hours brainstorming ideas for social media. Weekly Coach makes it super-duper simple while you receive timely tips every week.
Facebook Basic preview

Facebook Basic

Engage and laugh with your Facebook fans without ever having to post on the social media giant. We’ll post patient-friendly social content twice a week, so you focus on dentistry.
Monthly Marketing Pro preview

Monthly Marketing Pro

Know what you really need for marketing. Every month, you’ll get access to new tools and marketing tips to help boost your practice’s online presence and increase your revenue.

Total value of the Marketing Plus Package: $351 / mo.

Your cost: $97 / mo.

"Is this package tailored to dentistry?"
Multiple images of the Roadside Dental Marketing crew
Yes! Everything is dental-focused 'cause we KNOW dental (pinky promise).

  • Our team has a combined 85 years of experience in the dental industry.
  • We know the challenges you face every day when trying to market AND manage your practice.
  • ​Every day, we brainstorm, create, and inspire new ways to make your life easier.
  • ​We've marketed for dentists since 1999 (before Google was a verb!).
With 20+ years of research, trials, and jubilations, we know firsthand what’ll turn dental skeptics into raving, loyal new patients. 

Get the entire package for only $97 / mo. 

Frequently asked questions 

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Weekly Coach:


Facebook Basic:


Monthly Marketing Pro:



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30-day money back guarantee:

30-day money back guarantee
It’s our hope you give it your best effort to use all these valuable resources we’re handing to you. They do work, but only if you put the work into it. 

With that said, if you aren’t seeing the results within 30 days of your purchase date, we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase. No penalties. No hard feelings.  

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