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So you hear the sweet sounds of ringing phones.

Preview image of the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Map out your yearly marketing strategy without feeling stumped.  The Marketing Action Plan Workbook makes it easy peasy.

And it's only $27 ($318 value)
Preview image of the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Does this sound like you?

  • I’m so busy with my office reopening, I can’t even think about marketing right now.”
  • “I know I need an online presence, but I can’t afford to invest in marketing.”
  • “I’ve done the whole marketing thing. I’ve never seen it do me any good.”
  • “Between the economy, reopening, and trying to get patients rescheduled, I feel so overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing.”
  • ​“Do I really need marketing? Does it provide a good ROI?” 
  • ​“I don’t think marketing is worth the investment.” 

You have a ton to do

We hear you and get it. 

COVID has caused a massive change in the dental industry.

  • Dealing with reopening your office and catching up with rescheduling patients’ appointments.
  • Investing in the latest technology to assure your community you’re performing with the highest safety standards. 
  • ​Having to reassure patients your office is absolutely safe from COVID.
  • ​Not thinking about marketing, but rather how you’re going to survive through all of this.

It’s a scary time. And, we’re constantly thinking… When are we going to go back to the “old normal” again? 

The truth is: We’re going to be stuck in the “new normal” for a long time. For at least 2-3 years.

Are you prepared to keep a steady rate of
patients (new and current) coming in?
 Eventually those phones will stop ringing. The calendars will dry up. 
If you want your practice to thrive,
you must show empathy and connect with your community.
You must think about what emotions are going through your target market's minds.

They're scared. There's a fear of the unknown. Is it safe to visit the dentist?

Your community needs to feel heard. You have to market from the heart. Market with love.
The dentists who're thriving are marketing with love.
They're speaking to the person, not the wallet.  
Those dentists are being their true selves and being transparent with their patients. 

  • Posting on social media daily, telling their patients how they’re keeping them safe.
  • Blogging on how to stay healthy and sharing secrets of staying healthy at home.
  • ​Doing outreach to community leaders to help people.
And you know what? 
People trust those dentists. In turn,
their practices are stronger than ever.
This is because we buy from our hearts, not with our heads. 

You have to market from the heart. 

Be transparent with your patients. Show your vulnerabilities. Tell them your journey of running a dental office.
If you show your true self, people will LOVE you for it. 

Marketing allows you to connect with people + keep your practice open 

And you don't need to invest gobs of money and time to do it. 

A dentist holding the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Cue in the 12-Month Marketing Action Plan.

It's a detailed but super easy workbook that’ll help you take action and figure out how to thrive in the new normal.

It'll help you: 
  • Review what worked and didn’t work in previous years
  • ​Identify your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, target customers, and unique value
  • Find areas where you can overtake your competitors
  • ​Define your marketing goals and strategy (think BIG picture!) 
  • ​Use that strategy to create your marketing action plan!
  • ​Create social posts and blogs
What's inside your 43-page action plan:
Preview of last year's number templates in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Results-Tracking Templates

Worksheets and questions focused on your previous marketing attempts so you review what did and didn't work in the past. 
Preview of SWOT analysis in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

SWOT Analysis

Find out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are so you know what to focus on this year. 
Preview of Target Persona Worksheets in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Target Persona Worksheets

The workbook will guide you to find and write down your top 3-5 personas, so you're connecting and marketing to your ideal patients.
Preview of Competitor analysis worksheets in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Competitor Analysis Worksheet

Get the resources and know-how to pinpoint what your competition is doing so you dominate and stay on the top of your marketing game.
Preview of the UVP Wizard in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Unique Value Proposition Wizard

Thought-provoking questions to help you discover what truly makes you the stand-out dentist in your community.
Preview of the Quarterly and weekly checklists in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Quarterly + Weekly Marketing Checklists 

Easy-to-use templates for you to fill out your marketing goals and assign homework to your team.
Preview of the 30 Days of Content Ideas in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

30 Days of Social Media Ideas

Get a full month's worth of topics and inspiration to post on your social media.
Preview of the Yearly Social Media Calendar in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Social Media Calendar

Fun, creative social post ideas, holidays, and other annual events you can post about for the entire year.
Preview of the blog topic ideas in the Marketing Action Plan Workbook

15 Blog Topic Ideas

An outline of how to write an engaging, Google-worthy blog post along with topic ideas to spark those creative juices. 
Jina who's the Director of Operations from Love Your Smile in Seattle, WA

“They have done such a wonderful job! On top of all of that, the Roadside team has SO much content to share with us! I mean they created a 40+ [page] marketing template for their clients. They take the time to help build the website/brand because THEY CARE! I could go on and on about all the fantastic things Roadside has done for us.”


That’s not all!

You’ll also get these goodies:

Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook
Video: How to Use and Create Your Marketing Action Plan
Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook during post COVID
Video: Creating Your Marketing Action Plan Post-COVID
Preview of the ready-to-use social posts related to COVID
15 Ready-To-Use Patient Safety Social Posts (COVID-related)
Video: Creating Your 12-Month Marketing Action Plan 
Preview of the video of using the Marketing Action Plan Workbook
We wouldn’t give you a workbook and throw you to the wolves.
We've included an educational video to walk you through it, so you'll become an expert marketing planner. 

Our docs LOVE this! We've only shared this video during our live workshops.

($97 VALUE)  Included With Your Marketing Action Plan!

Video: Creating Your Marketing Action Plan Post-COVID 

Most likely, your dental practice has reopened. But, where do you go from here?

We’ll go over your 12-month marketing plan for 2021 and beyond. Our Director of Client Services, Angela and Marketing Director, Whitney will:

  • Identify top marketing priorities in the current economic situation
  • Share how to keep you on track and moving forward
  • ​Reveal what goals your dental office should be setting
  • ​Review how to reasonably execute your 2021 marketing action plan

($97 VALUE)  Included With Your Marketing Action Plan!

15 COVID-Related 
Patient Safety Social Posts 

Preview of social posts
Patients are scared and relying on you to keep them safe during their dental visits. Put their minds at ease by posting updates on your social accounts. 

We’ll provide you 15 ready-to-use social posts - all you have to do is post them! These posts include:

  • Safety protocols
  • Answering the question: Is it safe to visit the dentist?
  • ​Scheduling virtual consultations
  • ​And so much more!

($77 VALUE)  Included With Your Marketing Action Plan!

Our tools work + will improve your bottom line

It’s worked for our clients.

Marcy who's the dental assistant at Robert Walker DDS
“Roadside provides our office with an arsenal of information, resources and tools to get our website, blogs and social media up to par. They are super understanding when it comes to knowing the challenges of day-to-day life in a dental office since they have been there!” 


Dr. Lesa Allison who is the pediatric dentist at Park Pediatric Dentistry
“Their customer service and ongoing marketing coaching is what puts this company on top. The team has been very responsive to questions and requests. They provide ongoing marketing advice and tools to keep the practice website and social media accounts relative.” 


"These are probably templated and not customized for a dental practice."
Multiple images of the Roadside Dental Marketing crew
Let's nip this in the bud: These tools are ONLY designed for dentists.

Here's the thing: We've been in your shoes. 

  • Our team has a combined 85 years of experience in the dental industry
  • We know the challenges you face every day when trying to market AND manage your practice
  • ​Every day, we brainstorm, create, and inspire new ways to make your life easier 
  • ​We've marketed for dentists since 1999 (before Google was a verb!)
We've created educational tools and team-training videos only meant for dentists.

Cause we want you to succeed and continue to serve your patients.
Get all of these tools for only $27 
P.S. These normally cost $318

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